Official uniform arrives

I was accepted into the Brooks ID program in January. It’s the closest thing us non-elites can get to a sponsorship. My uniform arrived via UPS yesterday. It is actually way more green than the picture. ID stands for Inspire Daily. I’d like to think I do that to the people around me all the time. But now I guess it’s an official thing. In addition, I get a discount on all of the Brooks products. I’ve been a hard core believer in their shoes for a while now.
Ran a short 5.1 miles today at an 8:35 pace. Didn’t even feel like work today. I’m thinking the worn out shoes were the cause of my plantar fasciitis problem. I will continue to stretch it and I hope this problem is behind me now. You never realize how addicting running is until you can’t do it. I really enjoyed the run in 17F temps today since it was a full sun and no wind to speak of.
I then met my wife and son at his basketball practice. It’s hysterical. The coach actually had the 4 olds square off in a half-court game for awhile. Dribbling is never a concern for these kids and it’s funny to watch teammates guard each other. When the coach says to block the shot…all of them do except the shooter. Somehow, I don’t think soccer practice will be as enjoyable when it warms up.

A runner’s high, a dieter’s low – Health/Science –

Today is an off day as I bounce back from my nagging injury. So I thought this would be a great off-day kinda thing. The Krispy Kreme Challenge!!
At last, some of my non-running friends can enjoy this.

A runner’s high, a dieter’s low – Health/Science –

So far…so good

It has been two weeks since I’ve run. I had the start of the dreaded PF (plantar fasciitis) in my right foot. Maybe I upped my mileage too quickly, maybe I ran too fast, maybe it was worn shoes. If I expect to run the Chicago Marathon in October and qualify for Boston, I need to get rid of this PF now. So I shut it down for two weeks. Plus I got rid of all my worn out shoes.

This morning I was hesitant about running, as I could feel a slight tightness in my heel. But that loosened up as I did a few things around the house. Don’t push it I told myself. Don’t run too far I told myself. So Mile 1 was in at a 9:11 pace. So far…so good. I ran a total of 3.5 miles and took it easy. I really stretched the problem area and took some Vitamin I immediately after my run as a precaution. Let’s hope that’s the last I see of PF. Weird because in my two years of running, I never had this type of problem.

Day One

I am entering a strange new world or what I like to call the blogisphere. What I hope to chronicle here is the world of running. Or maybe just my version of it. I’m not an expert and certainly not a world class athlete. But that is not what running is all about for 95% of those of us who do it.
It is a healthy lifestyle. It is pushing yourself to do things that you thought at one time to be unlikely or even impossible. It’s unlocked a whole side of myself that I never new existed and at my age that is exciting.
Life is short and we’re all here to make the best of it. Maybe I can share my own strange and twisted view of it all.