Prediction Time

I’m not settling on a concrete pace for tomorrow.   The weather, especially the wind conditions are unknown.   They are predicting gusts up to 35mph from the east.  The good news is that this a north/south race.   My fastest 13.1 is a pace of 7:32 under perfect summer conditions.  My fastest 10k is 7:10 under slight rain and windy conditions in basically the same location as tomorrow.  We’ll see how the race develops and think on the fly.   If you put a gun to my head and make me predict, I’ll say 1:14!

In other circles why the hell is the London Marathon not on television?   It is a world major race after all.  I imagine Universal Sports has all of their assets tied up in Boston on Monday.   However, can’t they contract with the BBC and show it?  After all, my wife is planning on getting up at some ungodly hour to watch William and Kate get married in a few weeks.   Why can’t I get up in the middle of the night to get some inspiration for my long run on Sunday?   I you do want to watch it, it’s online and set your alarm for 3AM CST.  The link is here.

Boston Marathon coverage on Monday.  Secretly rooting for Kara Goucher on the women’s side.   Not only because she’s a hell of a runner but I competed against her.  Maybe competed isn’t the sane word.  How about the same race as her. The 2009 Chicago Rock n Roll Half.  I was a mere 30 minutes behind her.   I will track some runners that I’m are aware of…you know who you are.