2013 Knocking Down the Goals

                                                      The Raw Numbers

Miles run: 2235 which does not include today’s run.  Not sure if I’ll get one more in.

Time Run:  321 hours 18 minutes.   Or 13 days and 9 hours.
Races:  11 and this year it was void of a half marathon
Distances Raced:  4m – 1, 5k – 4, 8k -1, 10k – 2, 10m -1, Marathon – 2
PR’s:  3 (5k, 4m and Marathon) 

My running goals for 2013:
Run a spring and fall marathon. Check

Qualify for 2014 Boston this April. Check. Finally got my qualifier but it happened in October! BQ -3:08
Win an age group in any race.  Check. Three AG wins.  All at 5k and one of those was a trail race
Go sub 21 minutes in a 5k. Check.  20:55
Enter more races. Check  

In particular, the CARA race circuit and help my club with great results. Incomplete as club results aren’t in.
Run more with my running club. Check
Stay healthy and be in the best running shape of my life.  Check.   

I managed to achieve everything I wanted in 2013.  The monster goal of getting the Boston Qualifier was the most difficult and rewarding.   I started running in 2008 but the Boston goal was not truly a goal until summer of 2009 when I ran a a half in 1:38 and change.   I got there simply by running more miles.   I learned you need to get out of the comfort zone and push the limits a bit.   After peaking at 70 miles per week in August and averaging over 65 miles for two months, I knew I put in the work.   Now at age 50 I am in the best shape of my life.

So what do I do in 2014?  I’, somewhat lacking in motivation but I’m pretty sure that is wind chill related.   I will run another marathon but I may hold off until the fall.    I just may try to push the envelope at the half marathon in the spring.  At a minimum I want to beat my PR for the half.   
I want to go sub 3:25 in the marathon which will get me a BQ minus 5 minutes.   Improve from 23rd place in the CARA 50-54 AG standings.   I only entered three out of 17 races.   If I enter more races I think the top 15 is doable.  Do more hill work.  Do core work which I’ve never really done.
How about 2400 miles for 2014?!   I’ll be gearing up for Boston 2015.


3 thoughts on “2013 Knocking Down the Goals”

  1. Hooray for making all those goals!

    I bet you can go sub-3:25. You should make your goal 3:23:30 😉 And yes, improve that half PR, we can both work on that. Isn't it awesome to be 50 and still improving? Happy new year!


  2. It's been a great year for you, Jim. That 3:25 is definitely do-able, even aim for 3:20. I'm planning to run Boston in 2015. Hopefully I'll see you there. All the very best for 2014. Hope it's fast and injury-free for you.


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