2012 The Marathon That Wasn’t

2012 was a weird running year for me.  No major injuries but a few hiccups along the way.   First some cold hard data.

Miles run: 1918.2  I missed my goal of 2012 due to the Christmas ornament injury.  Bizarre. 
In the spirit of Bart Yasso (Chief Running Officer), I am giving myself the title of Chief Accident Officer.

Time Run:  276 hours 34 minutes 1 second.   Or 11 days and 12 hours.
Races:  Only 8 which is my lowest total since my second year of running in 2009.
Distances Raced:  4m – 1, 10k – 2, 10m -1, 13.1 – 3, 26.2 – Only a half
PR’s:  Only the CARA Lakefront 10 Miler  1:12:38 (7:15 pace) in April. 

2011 was more successful if I were to compare races.   In 2011 I PR’d at every distance and missed qualifying for Boston by :23 seconds.  I also ran three marathons that year.

I consider myself a distance runner but I did not run a single marathon in 2012.   The Schaumburg Marathon was a bust (DNS) because I had a deep chest cold and the temps went over 80F.   I know it was the correct decision.   A partial tear in the plantar fascia of my right foot six weeks before the Chicago marathon prevented me from running in October.  It also prevented me from pacing the Fort2Base race.  I healed just enough to run one half of Chicago as a training run (Planned DNF). 

The year was not a total bust.   I did raise money for Diabetes at the Chicago marathon. Enjoyed my second year as a Brooks Fanatic. I got a new job and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.   And another year of coaching baseball which will always be fun. 

My running goals for 2013:
Run a spring and fall marathon. Qualify for 2014 Boston this April.
Win an age group in any race.  My January birthday pushes me into a new age bracket.
Go sub 21 minutes in a 5k.
Enter more races.   In particular, the CARA race circuit and help my club with great results.
Run more with my running club.
Stay healthy and be in the best running shape of my life.


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