Two Races and Return to Blogger

Here is an attempt at getting my blog up to speed.   Think of it as a lazy way to get back into the present.

Chicago Monster Dash – Half Marathon
Result:  1:43:19 (7:53 pace) 11th out of 78 in AG

I actually signed up for this race at the Chicago Marathon expo.   My injury was healed and I was just getting back into fitness again.   It was my motivation after running half of the Chicago marathon.  I was only able to get in two weeks of 34 miles before the race but I was healthy enough to push the pace.

The weather was warm as we ran along the southern portion of the lakefront path.   Who could not love this view of the city?

I ran pretty well and the fact that many people were in costume made it fun.  Fitness improved almost 7 mins over the Chicago marathon half time.  Here was the bling:

The jacket makes me look tougher than I really am.

North Shore Turkey Trot 10k
Result:  44:07 (7:05 pace) 7th out of 86 in AG

Four weeks of mid-40’s run since the Monster Dash.  I hadn’t done any speedwork since late August.   So the thought of coughing up a lung crossed my mind.   My goal entering the race was to attempt a 6:55 pace.   But a 20mph wind heading south and numerous rolling hills probably was the difference in me not getting a PR.   I ran hard and noticed a considerable improvement in fitness.   The best part was knowing I could enjoy Thanksgiving after this effort.

For you stat geeks:

Garmin recap of the race

Free PIE after the race!!

Current Training
My goal for 2012 is to get to 2000 miles for the year.  Despite running zero marathons and two small bouts of injury, it is still possible.   Since the Monster Dash, I have eight straight weeks of around 45 miles.  The long run on Sunday was usually around 15 miles.   It’s been consistently solid and will be a great base for the next marathon cycle.

Stupid Injury Time
I’m known for stupid non-running injuries and here is the latest.  While taking out the garbage yesterday, a piece of broken glass from a Christmas decoration was sticking out of the bag.  It scraped my leg while I was in my running shorts.  If I had been in a pair of jeans, I might not have even felt it.   Instead, I bled and couldn’t get it to stop.   My wife took me to the immediate care center and eight stitches later I had this:

The doc said I need to avoid running for two weeks.  My sister-in-law said she can get me some hospital grade super glue made for skin that could probably cut that time in half.  I’m skipping my 8k this weekend because  it’s not worth opening up the stitches.  But it puts my 2000 miles in doubt.

I don’t want to tempt a May 26.2 race that might be too warm.  I’m taking suggestions for an April marathon. 


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