Hey look, it’s only been three weeks since I’ve written.   I’ll take any small victories that come my way.

On Sunday, I’ll race the Batavia Half Madness half marathon.   My PR was set on the same course last year and I’ll use it to gauge my fitness for Chicago.   I absolutely love the course and the last three miles are ever so slightly downhill.   I’ll be happy with anything sub 1:35.

It’s been a very busy summer but I’ve managed to increase my training intensity despite it all.   Baseball coach, a new job with travel, family time have all limited my spare time.  I’m not complaining.  As the summer winds down, my schedule is getting lighter.  More time to run I say!
I have exceeded the mileage required by Pfitz’s 18/55 plan.

                      Pfitz 18/55 Plan        Actual Miles
Week 15                  40                          43
Week 14                  42                          47
Week 13                  46                          49
Week 12                  50                          55
Week 11                  37                          37 
Week 10                  54                          58
Week 9                    47                          53
Week 8                    43                          41
Week 7                    55                          63

The goal is still to Boston Qualify for 2014.   Dropkick Murphys even say so…


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