Cutback Week Part 2

There is such a thing as being too into a run.   Maybe it was being too relaxed.   Maybe it was the sights and sounds of vacation.   Bald eagles circling overhead.   Calls of the loon out on the lake.   Running for 10 miles and seeing no people and maybe 3 or 4 cars on the main road into town.

My attempt at an artistic shot

The creek that runs away from the lake

Our night campfire

Our view from the boat dock

Ok, you get the picture.   Tranquil, peaceful and takes your mind off things.   I had half planned to do a race on Saturday morning that was about 20 miles from where I was staying.   I decided not to do it and run 12 miles instead.   On my return trip to the cabin along the empty rustic road, I saw about 10 high school age girls crossing the road from one lake to the other.  I was about 100 yards from them when a few of them waved and I waved back.   As I got right by them the last girl turned to me smiled and I thought she said, “Another race today?”.
 Me: “No”  Thinking subconsciously about the race I decided not to do 
Her: “Me too”  Meanwhile she’s tugging at the water ski life vest she was wearing and trying to point beneath it.
Me: “Oh OK” As I kept running toward home

It took me couple of minutes to realize I was a babbling idiot.   She wasn’t saying “Another race today”   How the hell would she know or care about the race I decided not to do?   Here is the shirt I was wearing

She obviously was saying “Race Against Hate?” and trying to show me she was wearing the same shirt.   Not that uncommon since a lot of Chicago people vacation up there.  So to the anonymous girl I would like to apologize for being so stupid and having my mind elsewhere.  I’m really not that clueless.  I guess I was too into the run.   I’m sure all of us runners have had something similar happen to them.   Wait, being into a run can be a good thing!


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