Still Runnin’

It’s been a while since I’ve written.   I am still running and feeling fitter and stronger than ever.   Recently, I have started running six days a week.   I think my body is responding better to only one rest day after my long run.
The Chicago debacle is in my rear view mirror.   Looking forward to crushing some PR’s very soon and attempting to run 2000 miles this year.  My current total is 1793 so I’ll only need to average under five miles a day.

I did want to alert anyone who reads this to the Brooks promo on the right hand side of my page.  You have a chance to win your Brooks Wish List!


2 thoughts on “Still Runnin’”

  1. Glad your training is going well. After reading your Chicago race report, I am wondering if you are now planning any more marathons that could possibly see heat. I am training for one next May that is known for cool weather up to race week then it can get hot race day. I RACE POORLY in heat; any thoughts on how to train so it affects us less?


  2. Great to see you back here blogging, Jim! Thanks for the heads up on the Notre Dame Vs. Miami game. It just so happens that UM is my Alma Mater!! 🙂 Doubt I would be able to make the game Sat. (even If I could get tickets). Reserved a hotel room through Marathon tours.


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