Big Day Tomorrow

Race day tomorrow.  The weather won’t be ideal for a perfect run.  Low 60’s at the start but the good news is that humidity will be low.   Still debating my pace.   I think I’ll go out at a 3:27:00 pace and we’ll see how I react to the weather.   3:25 is still the goal but I don’t want to crash and burn and miss a chance at sub 3:30.

I went to the race expo to get my number and freebies. A massive race like Chicago always has some interesting booths.

Massive foosball table at the Volkswagen booth
Brooks booth complete with live harp music

  I got my stride analyzed at the Brooks booth.   Turns out over the years I’ve become much more efficient.  I am a neutral runner now.  So do I try the Ghost 4 or the Pure Project Pure Flow next?

Official race shirt    
RW Forum friends Hoosier Ted and Runner X

Since tomorrow will be such a nice day the crowds should be insane.   As of right now, I expect to see family and friends at Miles 4, 5.75, 10, 11, 18 and 21.   Will it be a BQ?  To quote Steve Prefontaine, “A lot of people run to see who’s the fastest.  I run to see who has the most guts”


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