Chicago Marathon Pace Goal

My motivational coffee cup.   I plan to drink out of it all week.   Yes, I’m weird.

The Chicago Marathon is one week away and the excitement is starting to build.  I’ll be honest, laying around last week because of a respiratory infection was depressing. It was also necessary.  If you’re gonna run a marathon, it’s a lot easier if you’re not coughing up a lung.  I finally got back on the roads this week and it’s a good thing because my lungs need it.   Slowly but surely I’m returning to form.  I’m not that concerned about fitness loss. Only psychological loss!   This week I ran 25 miles with a 12 miler scheduled tomorrow per Coach Pete.  I’ve put in 5 MP miles and a couple of sub MP miles to get the intensity up to compensate for last week.

The cold hard stats:
Pfitz’s 18/55+ has been good to me.
I averaged 51.2 mpw for the previous 8 weeks prior to the week off in the first week of taper.
My half time of 1:34:46 from four and half weeks ago has me encouraged.
McMillan predicts a marathon of 3:19:52 based on my half time
GMaclin predicts a marathon of 3:22:30 based on a moderate prediction and 3:26:59 based on a fairly conservative prediction
14 runs of 11m or more midweek
One 20m and two 22m LR’s at 8:52, 8:59 and 8:52 average pace respectively. I have the time on my feet covered.
My May marathon in Green Bay was 3:35:55 on an insanely windy day.

So I’m declaring an A goal of 3:25 BQ at Chicago in a week. Based on this year’s Boston registration, I think it would guarantee me a 2013 Beantown debut
The B goal is sub 3:30.  It would still get me a PR by 5+ minutes and I’d make a final assault for Boston in the spring.
There is no C goal.  Do or Do Not  There Is No Try.

If you disagree, I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Pace Goal”

  1. the training is in the bag, jim. a 3:24:XX finish is certainly possible if you don't go out too fast. check the pace to 30k and save the surge for the latter stages. you can do it. good luck and good final taper week.


  2. If the weather is good and you don't do anything stupid with wine bottles or their contents, you're gonna ROCK that 3:24:xx, my friend. I am so looking forward to stalking you!


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