I Surrender, Cold Wins

It occurred to me that I haven’t really updated my training progress since the half marathon at the end of August.   Sure there was the Fort2Base pacing gig but that equated to no more than a general aerobic run.  Training has been solid until now.

The week after the half I put in a 53 mile week.   Then I began to get a head cold.   Nothing serious, just general stuffiness.  I started popping vitamin C and zinc.   I found that running actually cleared it up and I would always feel better until it returned the following morning.   I figured I better cut back and hopefully I would be healthy from then on out.   The week of September 5th I only ran 41 miles.    The coughing started but I pushed on but at no point did I feel sluggish.  I never ran a temperature above normal despite my obsessive double checking.

Then came last week.  All of my runs were easy. I did not want to do any speedwork and push my cold beyond the breaking point.  Tuesday and Thursday were longer runs of eleven miles.   The week would end on Sunday as I took part in the Final Fall 20 at the Fox Valley Marathon.  Basically, it is a supported 20 mile course within a marathon (highly recommended if you can ever run one).  The goal was to do 22 by re-running one of the miles.  At one point a woman yelled at me that I was going the wrong way.   But during the first 11 I was going to run with my friend Tom.  Tom was running the full marathon and was attempting to break 4 hours for the first time in seven attempts.  It drizzled the entire run and it was perfect marathon weather.   Tom and I ran 9:10 miles before I left him.   I picked up the pace and wound up averaging 8:53 for my entire run.  I was on my feet for three hours and fifteen minutes.   Just short of my intended marathon time of 3:25.   A perfect long run before taper.   They even gave me a medal which was a little odd for a training run.  Tom didn’t have such luck but it wasn’t from a lack of effort.   He had a bad cycle hampered by PF and couldn’t get in the necessary miles.   He finished just under 4:15.

Monday night I felt like crap. I surrender, the cold wins.  Tuesday morning was even worse and I missed work running a fever of 100 degrees.   The Sunday run finally must have dropped my immune system to the brink.   Coughing and a stuffy head accompanied my fever.   By Wednesday my temp was back to normal but I still felt like crap.   I had missed two runs and it was time to get professional help.   Naturally, when I called my doctor I was told that he was out of town until next week.   My wife found me the nearest immediate care center that was associated with my doctors hospital.   It just makes it easier paperwork wise.   Thankfully, the doc prescribed me some azithromycin.   Let the healing begin.

Today is the first day I have even contemplated running.  I am feeling better and sleeping better at night.   There is still 2 1/2 weeks of taper left.  I probably won’t return until Sunday at the earliest.   I want to get to the start line healthy.    Missing a few runs doesn’t concern me yet.   I’ve only missed three for a total of 17miles.  Although, I haven’t done any speedwork in three weeks.   My half marathon time of sub 1:35 a mere 3 1/2 weeks ago tells me I have the fitness.  Hopefully, I’m back on the roads for some fine tuning soon.


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