Brooks Pure Project

Would you like to reinvent yourself as a runner?   Do you want to become a more efficient and better runner?  Are you interested in a technologically advanced yet more minimalist shoe?  Want to feel connected to the ground and every step?  If you answered yes or maybe to any of the above questions, then you need to investigate the Brooks Pure Project.

The new line of shoes that will be available in October are now available for pre-order as of last night.   Click on the Brooks Ordering link on the right of my page and it will take you to Brooks.

Brooks has taken their existing BioMogo DNA technology and built a whole new line of shoes.   Personally, I think one of the keys to the new line is the Ideal Heel.   When running, a typical runner tends to land on their heel.  I include myself in that bunch although I attempt to land softer and further toward mid-foot.  The new heel will allow the runner to land with more clearance under the middle of the heel instead of the back or outside edge of the heel.  This results in a more forward landing putting less stress on the body and allowing the foot to transition better instead of potentially heel braking.

I’m excited about getting this shoe into my arsenal and I will transition from my Adrenalines after the Chicago Marathon.  Let me know what you think of the concept and ultimately the shoe.


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