Visions of Ice Cubes or My Tips for Keeping Cool

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Hot enough out there for you?   I thought I’d give all of you runners some positive imaging to think about on your next run.   To quote Dean Karnazes: “There’s magic in misery.”   And in the summer all runners share that misery no matter what level.   We are all struggling to get our workouts in and not suffer heat stroke.

My tips: Hydrate the day before a key workout.  Run early before the sun rises.   Slow the pace.  Drink a sports drink on the first part of your run to keep the electrolytes topped off.   Drink water later when your stomach might not be able to handle anything more.  Pour a little cold water on your neck and down your back.   If you pour it over the top off your head all that salty sweat will run into your eyes and give you momentary pain.   It will get cooler eventually.

I hope everyone is holding up in the heat and steam..errr I mean humidity.  Personally, it’s the stupid humidity that gets me more than the heat.   After every run, I appear to have just jumped into a pool.   Next person that tells me that winter training is tougher, I’ll consider smacking them upside the head.  You could always add layers to keep warm.   Removing too many layers in the summer and you risk getting arrested.

Training this week
M – 10m w/4 @ tempo 7:42
T – 4m @ 8:27
W – 11m @ 8:43
T – Rest Day
F – 7m @ 8:20
S – 18m @ 9:03

For what it’s worth, today was really the only hard day. Started at 6AM and finished up in 81F temps. Included two really short walk breaks which upped my avg pace. Shared the path with a ton of Team World Vision groups. They looked worse than I did in the heat but it was probably due to them not starting till 7AM. Props to anyone getting out there and getting it done.

Stay cool gang


One thought on “Visions of Ice Cubes or My Tips for Keeping Cool”

  1. Even if running naked WAS allowed I still don't think that's enough removed layers… personally I don't think I'd be cool enough unless I was able to remove my skin too :-/

    it's so freaking hot out there!


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