Run Happy or Ugly

Here are some action shots from the 4 on the 4th race on Monday.  Brooks motto is “Run Happy”.  Looking at my face they should probably change it to run goofy for me.

A mouth full of marbles?

The guy to my left was my “victim” in the home stretch.   The next pic shows me by him.

Brooks Fanatic speeding past    

The weather has been great in the early mornings for running.  High 60’s and low humidity.  No complaints from me for early July.   I hope your part of the world has the same conditions.   15 miles for me tomorrow. 
Run Happy, or in my case Run with a Strange Face.


2 thoughts on “Run Happy or Ugly”

  1. Glad you are having such great weather in the mornings! It's been pretty darn hot here so I've been on the TM a lot. Thanks for thinking that GU would actually sponsor me. I don't think I'm anywhere near fast enough to EVER have a sponsor!!!


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