Race Day Approacheth

No idea why I decided my title needed to seem so medieval.  But the fact is that I have another race tomorrow.  13.1 miles through the streets of Highland Park and old Fort Sheridan.   I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow.    I did this race last year on much lower weekly mileage and was using it to get back in shape.  My time last year was 1:45:40 and 7 minutes off of my PR.  I’m running with a friend of mine who did really well in his first marathon last fall (sub 4).   He kinda bombed at Disney at his second attempt.  Who among us hasn’t has terrible days like that (like me last October).  He’ll run Chicago with me in October but I don’t know what kind of shape he’s in.

I will have new race gear this year. I ran with the club last weekend since there was no baseball scheduled.   New shirts were being sold with the bonus to take one dollar off of the price for each CARA race run this year.   One of the older guys commented that he was not going to run an CARA races (known for their speed and competitiveness).  I told him they said we just had to run them, not win them.  The fact that I have a club singlet means I HAVE to go faster right?   

The race is offering $10,000 in prize money.   Which means I can guarantee coming home empty handed!   According to last year’s results, if I PR I might get into the top twenty in my age group.  So now that that is out of the way, I still have no idea what to expect.   I have PR’d in every race this year (10m, 26.2m and 5k) so that’s a good sign.  And my half PR is getting a bit old since it was 2009.   A marathon four weeks ago, a 5K PR two weeks ago, mileage is around 30mpw with a long run of ten since the marathon.   See what I mean, no clue as to an exact pace strategy.   Plug my 5K time into McMillan and it spits out 1:38:09 (7:30 pace) based on my 5k. and a 1:42:xx (7:42 pace) based on my windy marathon.   I guess I’ll go out at some where between those two and see how I feel. 

Good luck to all of my blogger friends running races this weekend.   I anticipate your races as much as my own.


One thought on “Race Day Approacheth”

  1. Hope you had a great race! I was out there too, but I did Ragnar yesterday so I was exhausted and basically just wanted to finish. Haha I made friends with the winner and took a picture with him!


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