Here We Go Again

Training officially kicked off today for the Chicago Marathon.   Having recently completed the last marathon on May 15th, I think my body is sufficiently recovered to get back at it.   The plan: Pfitz 18/55 with some additional miles thrown in here and there.   I got through winter using this plan and it put me in the best running shape of my life.   So I’m thinking two Pfitz’s back-to-back is going to be that much better, especially if I can get some of my weeks into the 60’s.    Today it was an easy seven miler

Being a part of the Brooks Fanatics, I had an opportunity to train with Luke Humphrey of Hansons-Brooks as my on-line coach.  For those of you who don’t know Luke, he just ran a 2:14:37 marathon at Rock & Roll San Diego.  It wasn’t a free program and I may regret it considering all of the monster success  Hansons-Brooks has had recently.   Their training program is a little different.  Long run mileage tops out at 16 miles even though you could be putting in 60 mile weeks.  So let’s hope I still have the opportunity in the future.

The Chicago Marathon hasn’t been my friend up until now.  A DNS due to a stress fracture in 2009 and a not yet healed non-running injury combined with hot weather in 2010.  I hope to get my revenge this year.


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