Marathon Hangover

It’s been exactly 13 days since my last marathon and I’ve been in a funk.  I’ve been moody and not very talkative.  A marathon hangover if you will.  Physically, I’m in great shape.   I have no injuries or sore and tired muscles.   So what the hell is wrong with me?

It’s purely a mental thing.   I didn’t even realize it until my wife asked me why I was depressed.  When she asked me this question I was sitting alone in the dark watching television.  It’s something I never do.   As a result, I tried to think what was causing it all.  It had nothing to do with my marathon itself.   I thought I ran a hell of a race.   Under less windy conditions, I know I would have busted the 3:30 barrier.  I was in shape to do it.   Typically, marathoners who have a less than desirable outcome to pose a thousand “what if” questions after the race.   I have none of those so that wasn’t it.

I have been following Pfitz’s post marathon recovery schedule.   In the weeks after the marathon he calls for weekly miles of 13,21, 26, 30 and 35.  The first week was just about right.  I did not run for three days after Green Bay.  But this current week is killing me.   I have too much energy.   The ice cream in the freezer is actually being eaten…by me.   I suddenly have free time on weekend mornings instead of doing a two hour run.   Normal people would love this state of being.   I’m not normal.  I’m a marathoner. As John Kelly, winner of the 1952 Boston Marathon said, “Marathoning is just another form of insanity.”

The last straw was when I took my car in last night because of a check engine light.  Plus my brakes were starting to go.   It’s costing me over $1500.00 to repair for new pads and a catalytic converter.  Ouch!   If I wasn’t depressed to begin with, now this happens.  

My legs are ready for more miles.  I’m addicted to high mileage.  Plus, running ALWAYS makes me feel better.  It won’t put more money in my pocket but I could at least feel better.  So I have have come to the conclusion to chuck Pete’s recovery plan.   I am now running by how I physically feel.  I won’t do a 15 miler tomorrow but I will up the mileage.   I am scheduling some shorter races.  Time to use all those miles to possibly grab an age group award.   A 5K two miles from my house happens next month where I got my first ever AG (2nd place) is already booked.   I may also do the North Shore Half marathon next month.   I’m even flirting with running a local 5K tomorrow.  Enough is enough.   Time to snap out of it.  

So I leave you with a musical goodbye to the temporary depression.


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