Cabin Fever Marathon Training

Technically, I can’t say I have cabin fever.  I mean that would imply I’ve been stuck in a cabin all winter waiting for spring.  Merriam_Webster defines it as “extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time.”   I have been irritable though.  But I’m DONE with winter.  I’ve avoided the treadmill successfully this winter and have done every run outside.   But it feels like I’ve been couped up waiting for the weather to improve.  I’m tired on putting on three layers of clothes, gloves, headband and watching ice form on my hair.

Lately, I’ve been switching some runs to the evening because it’s warmer than a 17F wind chill.   February had a record snowfall of 28.7 inches.  AccuWeather has this map:

Agreed!  Wintry battle zone is confirmed.   I’m longing to run in a pair of shorts.   I need to run without the fear of my water battle freezing solid.   But I may not be out of the woods yet.  Here is the spring forecast from

 Terrific.   Can’t wait.   Yesterday I ran 7 miles in a driving rainstorm and 40 degrees.   I was soaked but it was a refreshing change from frozen.  

My first race of the year, a 10 miler, is scheduled for next month.  Here’s hoping it’s not in a snowstorm or tornado.


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