Destination Marathon…but not for everyone

Training continues toward my spring marathon.   There are certain races that every marathoner wants to run someday.  London, New York and Chicago just to name a few.  As big as the Chicago area is, there are really no spring marathons around here.   The closest one is Kenosha.   So I found myself searching for a spring race.   I debated Kenosha and Colorado which is billed as the most scenic marathon.  And just couldn’t decide.

Meanwhile, the NFL playoffs rolled around.  I’ve been a Green Bay Packer fan all of my life.   Which is strange to most people since I was born in Chicago and have lived here all of my life.   I do not root for any other non-Chicago teams.    My loyalty is due to vacationing in northern Wisconsin yearly when I was really young.   Visiting the Packer hall of fame and spending a day around the city hooked me.   The Bears weren’t very good then.  So ever since the late sixties, I’ve cheered my team on in hostile territory.

By now you know the story.   Green Bay needed to beat he Bears just to get into the playoffs.  They did.   Then two more road wins against the Eagles and Falcons.  It set up the NFC championship in Soldier Field.  Eternal bragging rights between me and my friends, wife and colleagues who are all Bear fans.   Green Bay won and went on to win the Super Bowl.   I celebrated and tried not to be insufferable.   My spring Marathon was also decided.

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon’s tag line is “Touch the Tundra”.   The race finishes with a sprint through the players tunnel and a lap around Lambeau Field.   Like I said initially it’s a destination race…for me.   Not for everyone.   I managed to round up a couple of half marathoners and my nephew (also a Packer fan) who will run the 5K.   All of the races finish inside the stadium.

The training is now up to 45 miles per week.  I’ve got three months until I touch the tundra and perhaps get a close look at that Super Bowl trophy.


3 thoughts on “Destination Marathon…but not for everyone”

  1. Grren Bay sounds like a good one! For future Springs, you should also consider the Rockford Marathon (in May). I've done the half and it was a well run, not-to-big race with a decently scenic course. I'll be doing the full this year so I will report back when I'm done:) Good luck with training!


  2. Thanks for dropping by and for your good wishes, Jim. Good choice for a spring marathon. Your training seems to be going well. Stay fot and run strong. All the best, MArty


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