Running routine shattered after Snowmageddon

Every once in a while we all need a break in routine.   Runners are creatures of habit.   We don’t like to veer to much off of the “plan”.   I’m no different.   When the plan is changed it’s usually because mother nature has spoken.

During the last 24 hours we have had 70mph wind gusts, 22 inches of snow along with thunder and lightning during the snowstorm.   I think mother nature has my attention.   As soon as it stopped snowing I just HAD to run.   It’s that break we all need.  I felt like a ten year old running in the snow.   Yesterday was only a scheduled four mile recovery run.   Perfect to get out and see the neighborhood without fear of my car getting trapped in a drift.   I brought my camera and got a runners high of a different kind.

People were out shoveling and snow blowing.  They were also running out of places to put it.   Some of the less travelled side streets were not even touched.   I had to run in a single tire track.   As I passed a woman and here son travelling the opposite way in the other tire track she looked at me and said “You’re brave”.  As I continued past her I yelled over my shoulder, “No, I’m nuts.”

My usual turn onto the street above was completely impassable except by snowmobile.   So I continued down a little farther before I could double back on to my route.   It was a nice energizing break in the winter training.  My hope is to do every run outside this winter.  My streak continues.

Sorry it has been so long between posts.   I’m not sure how people can blog every other day, work and take care of everything else while maintaining a fresh and interesting read.  My runner’s knee has disappeared.  I truly believe it was my ramp up in speed on every run that caused it.   I was running 40 + miles at a sub 8 minute pace.   So I’ve backed off the pace and dropped the miles.  I am slowing working back to higher mileage using the Pfitz 18/55 plan.   The only time I feel a slight twinge is after a faster run, but it disappears after a good post run stretch.

My spring and summer running schedule is coming together.   My favorite football team is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.   More posts to come in the very near future


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