Moving forward in 2011

2010 was a weird running year.  Success, acceptance, failure and injury all rolled together.

Injury and failure: I was rehabbing from my stress fracture late in 2009 and was looking forward to a big year.  While I was planning the spring marathon I got the very painful plantar fasciitis.   It limited me to a whole 25 miles for the month of February.   Naturally, I couldn’t run a marathon on that kind of mileage and I also had to cancel a March half-marathon.  It took nine months to fully resolve with the help of over the counter shoe inserts and my fabulous doctor.   Then there was the infamous wine bottle incident that affected my Chicago Marathon performance.

Acceptance:  Being a part of the Brooks ID team was an honor and a treat.   I was shocked when I was first accepted.  Being a “local class” runner is decent but I really think it is my attitude and exuberance for the sport that got me in.   I met some amazing runners and enjoyed racing in the can’t miss colors.   Brooks is a great company to be a part of and the only shoe I will ever run in.   They have since gone to an invite only process.  I have been asked back in 2011 to new group called Fanatics.   I’ll know more about it in January but am looking forward to continuing the Brooks family.

Success:  The marathon was not my race this year.   Only one and an agonizing one at that.   I did find my speed at 10K’s this year.   A second place in my age group and  a PR with a 44:38 time (67.15% Age Grade) and 45:16 (66.21% AG) a few months later.   And while I didn’t PR at my November half marathon (1:39:44), it was fast enough and some redemption for Chicago.

2010 The stats:  
Miles run: 1458.2
Time run:  199 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds
Highest monthly mileage: August  222.7
Races run: 8
Brooks ID Race Series:  505th out of 1018.

2011 will be better…I hope.   I want to stay injury free above all else.   It’s also time to PR at the marathon distance.  I’ll shoot for sub 3:30 in May.  I also want to go sub 21:00 at the 5K.  I hope to get my first age group win after getting a 2nd, 4th and 7th this year.   I might join a new running club.   Oh yeah and I hope to blog more often.   Shorter and sweeter and not treating every post like a feature magazine article in my head.
Run Happy everyone.

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