We are GO for launch

My test run was a success today.   I guess the power of prayer and being smart with the injury has paid off.  I was really anxious this morning because I had no idea how I would feel.  The temps were a chilly 42 degrees and called for the first use of my running gloves this fall.   It felt like I was breathing a little hard at first, but I’ve had no hard cardiovascular work in nine days.  Walking 22 1/2 miles this week doesn’t really get the lungs working hard.    The first mile was in 8:35.  I literally said out loud , “Yes”.

I was glad it was not a slower pace that felt harder.   The run continued and I found myself running faster.   The first ten miles were at at an 8:08 average pace.  Marathon pace for my Boston qualifier is 8:02.8.  Good to know my speed did not disappear.  My legs felt great.  I think my lungs needed this run more than anything.  The rest of the shorter runs this week will get them where they need to be. 

My runs for the race week are as follows:
Tuesday 6m recovery
Wednesday  Dress rehearsal 7m w/ 2m @ marathon race pace
Friday  5m w/ 6 x 100 strides
Saturday 4m recovery

My excitement has returned and all systems are GO.


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