Random thoughts, death and the mean streets of the suburbs

Ten weeks of my Pfitz 18 week/55 mile training program are in the rear view mirror.   From time to time I’ve questioned my fitness.  Mainly due to the heat and humidity during my runs.   But this is the most mileage I’ve ever done outside of last year when I got hurt.   So there is really no reason to question it.  Right?  Please tell me I’m right.  

This past week was a cut back week so it only totalled 43 miles.  It was also the first true speed session.  5 x 600m with a 3 mile warm-up and a 3 mile cool down.   My times were only a few seconds behind last year at this time and I attribute this to the heat.   I averaged 2:23 for the five intervals which translates into 6:23 miles.   A 14m run yesterday was pretty quick ( 8:30 pace) and I followed it with eighteen holes of golf.
I think I’m finally acclimated to searing summer weather.  Next week the mileage hits 55 miles.

Here are some random things on recent runs:
An older guy watching me complete the fourth rep of my speed interval telling me “you’ve got a lot of energy”  Little did he know.   All I could do was breathlessly reply, “Thankfully, only one more of these.”
A hawk swooping down on a rabbit but missing his breakfast.   This was on a suburban lawn, not the forest preserves.
Road kill spotted on my runs:  one raccoon,  one possum, one bird, and two field mice, and I suspect a skunk (which I never saw but the smell was in the same exact spot for three days).
Almost road kill:  myself.   Standing still on the median of a busy street waiting to cross, when some jerk in a two seat Honda squealed the tires and slammed on the brakes when he saw me almost too late. 
Myself part 2.  When running against traffic on a side street.  A car speeding in my direction on the wrong side of the road.   I jumped on to the curb in plenty of time.  Turns out it was a woman and her child delivering the morning papers to house driveways.  Too lazy to stay on the correct side of the street.  Not to mention endangering the kid in the car.

Most drivers in the morning are half asleep and think they are the only ones on the road.

Wanted to make him roadkill: a small yapping terrier on my regular route.  The owners like to leave their dog unleashed and alone on the front lawn at 5:00 AM and the dog proceeds to chase and yap at me all the way down the street.   One of these days that dog is gonna get run over buy a car who doesn’t see it until too late.


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