Let’s see where fitness is

So I’m using the Pfitz 18/55 plan to train for the marathon.   The 14 miler on Tuesday went well.  It was actually 13.3 miles thanks to screw up of tacking mileage onto my 12 mile route using mapmyrun.com   I really need to get a GPS watch soon, but I digress.   The key, in my opinion, is the longer runs in the middle of the week.  Or as Coach Pete calls them medium long runs.  To the average mid packer this is a long run.   I made huge gains in fitness using the same program last year.   712m in 2010 and 959 in 2009.   I don’t think that matters.   As a matter of fact I know it doesn’t but it’s always in the back of my head.  The only problem is that due to my bout with plantar fasciitis I’ve run less miles for the year.

My PF is still around.  But it is very minor.  Some days are better than others.   I’d like to get rid of it entirely.  But I’m digressing again.  Along with writing short annoying sentences.   Moving on…

I had 6m run today w/ 6 x 100 strides. So far I’m at 31mpw with the half to go on Sunday.  I switched Week 9 of the Pfitz program with Week 10.  The reason is that Week 10 includes a 20 miler that doesn’t jive with race weekend.  Week 9 calls for a 15 mile run with 13 at marathon pace.   So it made sense to give myself a good chance to put up a good time on race day.   I did the same thing last year and got myself a shiny new PR.

OK, someone asked me to throw out some times so here goes.
Minimum accepted success: Beat 1:45:40 from my half on June 13. This will see how my fitness has progressed and it should be a no brainer. 
Expected time: PR by running faster than 1:38:54 which was my time last year at the same point in the Pfitz program but less miles for the year than last.
Really want but not sure I’m fit enough yet time: Under 1:36 to get into Corral B for Chicago in October.

There it’s out there.  Now I have to live up to it


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