Back to the races to set my lungs on fire

I think I’m recovered from the half marathon. My schedule this week called for 8, 10, 5 and 13 per Pfitz’s 18/55 program. I took Monday off and broke up my 8 into 4.2m each on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was dreading my 10 miler yesterday since I didn’t think I was completely recovered. I kept telling myself to take it slow, slow and slower. First mile was at about 9:30 and it slowly got faster. I forced myself not to stop. I need to endure any discomfort on these harder sessions because it just gets harder from here. I crossed the yellow speed bump in my parking lot (aka my finish line) and looked at my watch. It read 1:30:00 EXACTLY. I’m pretty sure my 4 year old could almost calculate that pace. OK maybe not but you can.

Tomorrow I have a 5K race. My park district holds a 5K two miles from my house. I did it last year for the first time because it was easy to get to and cheap. I set a PR last year (21:43) and got my first ever age group award (2nd). Why didn’t I get first? I had no gas left in the tank at the end. I had my eyes on a guy I thought might be in my age group in the final .1 and tried to get him. I stepped on the accelerator and nothing happened. I could not go any faster and I lost by two seconds.

Now, I’m not in that kind of shape that I could run a sub-7 pace like last year. My competitive side wants to defend my “finish” last . Hell, I’ve got to find motivation anywhere I can. I classify 5K’s as a race where you go all out and wait for your lungs to catch fire. I know a lot of long distance runners who despise 5K’s for just that reason. Last year I want to say my first split was 6:20-6:30. and then I did a big fade at the end. So this year I will pace it differently. Go out at maybe 7:15 for the first mile and see what happens. McMillan says I’m only in shape for a 7:22 pace for the whole race. So 7:15 will not blow me up and I’ll see if my accelerator works at the end of this race. Forgot to mention my son is doing the 50 yard dash. Last year he walked with his head down the entire way and and kind of shuffled his feet. I hope he at least attempts to run it this year.


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