Race Day Victory…of sorts

The title is misleading. I did not win the race or even come close in my age group. It was a personal victory. I’ve battled injuries and tried to get back into racing shape after ten months. Especially after two horrible training runs the week prior which I’ve decided were more weather (high heat and/or humidity) related than fitness related. Last week I struggled through a 13m long run and a 6m run. Stopping several times to walk and catch my breath. Not exactly a confidence booster.
On Sunday the weather somewhat cooperated. 64F degrees but 84% humidity. Earlier in the week the weather morons were predicting temps in the 80’s. So I considered myself lucky for a June day.

Here are the quick and dirty stats: Final time: 1:45:40 (8:04 pace) Place: 396th out of 2067.

Split times:













The course was billed as flat and fast. I wouldn’t consider it flat. Lots of rollers. See the elevation profile at the top of the post. I was able to park for free two blocks from the start line. In a race of 2000+ people that is unheard of these days. The course was nice. Tree lined and huge gated homes. I watched the race leaders blow by me on the opposite side of the street at about mile 8 or 9. All in their 20’s with college names on the singlets. Damn youth is wasted on the young. I enjoyed the run through Fort Sheridan since I’m a novice World War II historian. We ran through the fort clock tower which was a little different. I was starting to struggle about Mile 9 or 10 when running through the fort with streets named after people. The first street I came upon was Bradley. Named after General Omar Bradley. I thought to myself that these people got shot at in defense of our country. Geez, I can stand a little pain during the race. My two buddies ran well. Ed at 1:53:33 and Tom at 1:55:17.
I had anticipated running a 8:00 pace because that is marathon pace for a 3:30 marathon and based on my two mile tempo run a couple of weeks ago. So I didn’t fold until Mile 12 and walked partially just to catch my breath. My limited mileage was a factor. Possibly the humidity was as well. My DW and son got there just to see me cross the finish line and we all headed out for a big breakfast.

Here’s the weird thing. My right foot seems magically better today?! Maybe the faster paces made me run more efficiently and really stretch it out? My quads are a little stiff from the “flat” course but it’s the good kind of stiffness when you know you’ve really worked out. I now have 17 weeks left to get faster and more endurance before Chicago. Plenty of time and I’m really encouraged. I also know my training paces per Daniels and Pfitz. Rest day today. Back to training on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Race Day Victory…of sorts”

  1. Wowww that's a great time and a great kickoff race to chicago training! Great job!

    And I hate it when they say “flat” but mean “rolling”. I'm from Florida so “flat” to me is like… ZERO incline.


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