Happy National Running Day. How did I celebrate it? I worked for 10 hours and did not run. I wanted to run but I wasn’t going to just for the sake of running. I know I’m a runner. I’m half Irish and I don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day because I know I’m Irish and don’t feel like I have to advertise it. Running is a very special sport for so many reasons. I hope you celebrated in your own special way today.
I finished the month of May with 129 miles. What a difference from earlier in the year. My mileage has continued to climb with a high of 33.6 miles in one week. I’ve gone into a prePfitz workout mode. Instead of stringing together a bunch 6 mile runs, I’ve put in some 8-10 mile medium long runs during the work week. The last three weekends I’ve had 12 mile long runs.
My half marathon is now only two weeks away. So what kind of pace of pace do I attempt? Last week was a cutback week for me so I used a short four mile run as a two mile warm up followed by a two mile tempo run. It turned into a progression run. 9:00, 8:25, 7:15 and 7:01 paces. It felt good to step on the accelerator. It’s good to know that I actually have an accelerator after so many easy runs! So I plugged it into the old McMillan calculator. The verdict is a 1:46 half time (roughly an 8:00 pace). That’s roughly 8 mins more than my PR but it is marathon pace for BQ.
Time to wrap this up. 10 mile run in the AM. But more more importantly, the Blackhawks and Flyers are about to resume the third period in Game 3 in our quest for the Cup.

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