Wind workout

It was a good week. I’m building mileage again and looking forward to the summer. Yesterday, I had my longest run since January. 7.2 glorious miles and I finished up the week with 20 miles. But yesterday’s run was noted for it’s windiness. How windy? Let’s try a steady wind of about 18 mph with gusts to 31. The temp was around 70 degrees so it cooled you off as soon as I began to sweat. But it got me to thinking, just what kind of workout did I really get yesterday?
There have been studies, but this little article on Cool Running explains it in the most basic terms. Running into the wind slows you more than a tail wind speeds you up. Which explains why I was so tired and breathing so hard. Turns out that I managed an 8:50 pace for the run. Only half of the run was dead into the wind but here is what I found. A 10 mph head wind slows you down by 8%. So an 8:50 pace into that wind would translate into an 8:07 pace. Running with the wind at your back only helps you 5%. Of course all of that assumes the wind is steady and constant. I’m not smart enough to figure the out the results of the wind hitting you from the side. But in general it gives you a good idea.
What does this mean? Draft off of others in a race! And running into the wind gives you a training boost! Live it, love it and learn it.
I saw my doc on Thursday and my plantar fasciitis has responded with minimal treatment. She told me I can stop the anti-inflammatory in a week. She also strengthened my off the shelf arch supports by applying some cushioned tape to the arch portion. Making it a little sturdier. She’s fantastic. I’d recommend her to anyone. No need to see her unless the pain gets worse.
Rest day for me today and I spent the morning encouraging my fellow 3:30 sub marathon threaders on Runners World. Three of them will be at the Boston Marathon in one week. I envy them. Hopefully, one year from now I’ll be on the starting line in Hopkinton.
In the meantime, take Bob Seger’s advice. Run against the wind

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