The need to be bad

My dietary intake is usually very good.   I stick to the brown stuff (whole grains) and avoid the white stuff (sugar, processed foods).   The deeper I am into my training the healthier I will eat.   Instead of a late night ice cream I’ll grab yogurt.   Instead of cookies, I will eat cereal or fruit.   I gave up my chocolate vice for lent.  My wife thinks I’m too disciplined.  But lately I’ve been desiring the bad stuff.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because my running miles are still low (17 miles last week) so I don’t feel deep in training..  I really don’t want to know why.  But it got me to thinking about alternatives.

Hers is the picture of what I had in mind:

As I was wandering the grocery aisles the other day I was starving.    I was in the frozen food aisle and saw SuperDonuts.   They are supposed to be nutritious.  Low in fat and fairly high in vitamins.   But then I saw Chicago Bear offensive lineman Roberto Garza on the box.  He isn’t exactly going to the hall of fame.  And offensive lineman in general aren’t known for their good eating habits.  But how good can frozen nutritious donuts be?  And if they are so good how come I haven’t seen an ad in Runners World about the donut recovery meal?  So I decided not to buy them.   I’ll have some Kashi cereal instead.


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