Pain Free

Three runs this week. All short. All pain free. The plantar fasciitis that has plagued me since late January is quickly disappearing in my rear view mirror. Between my night splint, anti-inflammatory and the arch supports, I no longer have pain. Oh, the PF is not completely gone since there is still stiffness from time to time on the fascia. So I ice it and roll a golf ball under it.

The bottom line is that I feel like a runner again. Ask any athlete while they are forced away from their favorite activity and they will tell you that they do feel not included. And so it was with me. No one wants to sit on the sidelines. Maybe it’s my competitive nature. Maybe it’s just the way running clears my head. I think it’s part of all of the above. Oh yeah and a little city called Boston I hope to qualify for in October. Did I mention that?

5.1 miles on Monday, 4 on Wednesday and today. The last two at about an 8:19 pace. I know, I know it’s still very low mileage. But in order to avoid 10% rule violation, this is my schedule. Last week was 13.1 miles total. So I’ll keep Sunday’s run short. Ah the curse of trying to be good. So instead I am occupying my down time with race planning. I am doing it backwards from the Chicago Marathon. So this week I locked myself into the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon. This race has an unofficial start corral set-up. I signed up for an optimistic 1:32 overall time. I just need to stay pain free


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