Brooks ID

OK so I’m a little late as I promised I would post yesterday. Anyways, I have a race tomorrow that I’m not doing. Too few miles in preparation makes for an un-doable half-marathon. It’s the March Madness Half-marathon which features hills. Here’s the course. Hills with names lake Big Hill, Sneaky Hill, Substantial Hill and LungBuster Hill. Not much if you run in altitiude. But the land around here is mostly flat. Plus any high mileage at this point would bring back my PF. I’m not ready for race hills. So I’m out. A 5m run today after my son’s basketball practice in the snow is all I can handle right now. But after the doc’s visit I have no real pain. The PF is still there but much milder now.
I promised I would tell you about the Brooks ID program. When I first applied I had no idea what was involved. I love Brooks’ stuff. Yeah, I’ve only been running for two years but their shoes are the best. But now there are added benefits.
First of all, the group runs a March Madness tourney pool. Never mind that this idiot took Georgetown to the final four. In May, the Chicago ID group is planning a group meet. No final plans yet but a group run and lunch is planned. The private Brooks ID forum keeps me informed on some of the amazing runners that represent Brooks. When the racing season kicks off there will be various monthly awards. These may seem like little things but to me it’s a kind of tight knit national running club. More than expected. I belong to the Chicago Area Runners Association but the club is so huge. No real community. Maybe if I lived near the lakefront, where most of the activities take place, I’d be more into it. But here I am a member of the Brooks team and I feel more a part of them.
I don’t like to bore my non-running family and friends with my runner side. If they ask, I’ll tell. Maybe I’ll bore my readers and the Brooks team instead.


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