Thanks Doc

I went to the doctor yesterday. I scheduled this appointment one week ago and the PF pain was less each day as the appointment approached. There has to be some kind of phenomenon that explains it. I’m sure if I didn’t call the pain would have gotten progressively worse. My approach has been to ice the foot, roll a golf ball under it (which really hurts when you start it but feels great when you finish) and run every other day. Oh yeah, Vitamin I was included about once or twice a day.

Doc is a runner. A priority in my doctors if I can find them. You see, they get us. Us meaning runners. So they will tend to treat you to make you a healthier, if not better runner. She said I was doing all the right things. My PF is mild, although it had been worse. She approved of my $8 arch supports which relieve the arch pressure as long as they were working. I got a list of stretches. The towel stretch, heel raises, the usual. I also now have a Darco Body Armor Night Splint. Sound like state of the art military gear huh. Where’s Osama Bin Laden? No one can defeat me with something that sounds that cool. It stretches the foot while you sleep. And a prescription for Mobic. I’ll be back in three weeks so she can check on my progress.

Now the thank you part. I ran 4.6 miles tonight for the first time in 7 weeks without pain. Thanks Doc. I know it wasn’t a miracle cure, but I’m convinced her treatment will get me over the top. Oh yeah and it was 60 degrees today. If it weren’t for the 13mph wind heading west it would have been perfect. I was shocked I was at an 8:06 pace. I better back that off on future runs. I don’t need to be that fast….yet.

Tomorrow I’ll have an update on my BrooksID group. Fast becoming the coolest thing ever.


2 thoughts on “Thanks Doc”

  1. I've been through the PF and I agree that is terrible especially for runners. My plantar fasciitis finally got cured after I was fitted for a very expensive set of insoles.

    Bruce Walseth


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