On the road again

Well yesterday I hit the streets again. First of all, the weather is a heck of a lot nicer than a month ago. High 40’s feel like the 60’s.
As far the run went, I’d say okay. I was slightly winded but not struggling. That is to be expected after the layoff. I was unsure of how far I wanted to run so I just ran my short 3.5 mile route. My heel felt a little tight the first half mile. My brain was telling me not to shut down the run and it would probably loosen up. After about 1.5 miles it got loose. I thought I was running pretty slow. I did have to stop for traffic when crossing the busiest street. Man it just feels great to run again.
I crossed my parking lot “finish line” (a yellow painted speed bump). My time was 8:39 per mile. Much faster then I thought I was running. That made me feel great. When I was done I tried to stretch every muscle to the maximum.
Now the pain in my heel is back. I’m trying to break down the scar tissue with rolling a golf ball under my heel. The foot feels instantly better. But sitting at my desk all day isn’t helping. My wife has been begging/cajoling/telling me to call the doctor. I took her advice. The office was closed when I called. Four weeks is a long time to rest it without a drastic improvement. I need medical advice. Hopefully, I can get an appointment scheduled tomorrow.
In case you were wondering, I WILL run tomorrow.


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