Apprehensive I guess

It’s been a while since I posted. Truth is that there is nothing to report. I told myself that I would rest my foot three weeks. No running, no nothing. The PF has been feeling a lot better. Is it healed completely? I don’t know.
I’ll know tomorrow as I’ll do a short three mile easy run. I need to get back on the roads for my sanity. I got the latest copy of Runner’s World magazine in the mail. It gets me all fired up for the year ahead. Nutrition, experience and running tips were enclosed. And I am doing none of it! Did I mention I have a half-marathon in two weeks….cue the laugh track.
My job has me stressed as well. Something happened this week that I equate to the business equivalent of Pearl Harbor. No disrespect meant to people who lost their lives on that horrible day. I am not at liberty to go in to detail. But let’s just say that something out of the blue happened, it affects the future and we have to deal with it immediately.
I need to get back on the roads. It always clears my mind, removes ninety percent of life’s stresses and is something I really enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Apprehensive I guess”

  1. I found your blog on I recently adopted running as a passion myself (I started running one year ago). Running is extremely cathartic and brings me back to base when life becomes hectic. I had plantar fasciitis for 6 months and can empathize with your decision not to run for a few weeks. Try rolling your feet out on golf balls or frozen water bottles to stretch out the plantar fascii. Good Luck.


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